FBC Part 2

After I wrote my original post titled “Familiarity Breeds Contempt” I had a very cool perspective as I went through the next couple days.  I was conscious of all the bizarre things we have come to take for granted – ignoring a glorious star that is massive, dense and hot beyond anything we can comprehend as it breaks the horizon every morning and powers life as we know it.  So as I went through my day with a new detached perspective (I guess the point of the previous post) I became aware of many more amazing things I interact with every day.  Although it was one of the things that occurred to me, I am not going into the whole pregnancy, child birth and children.  When broken down it is almost alien (foreign, not from outer space – not that kind of blog).

One of the things I gave much thought to was dogs.  My own life and consciousness is impossible to grasp and now I have to contend with another consciousness in the house.  This is allegorical so let’s not start the philosophical battle of whether dogs are conscious.  Mine is so we will focus there.  As I sat on my couch petting my Golden Receiver providing obvious pleasure she clearly expressed, I was aware of the strange nature of our relationship.  First the idea that a relationship is even possible.  Two minds experiencing two radically different realities communicating.  More incredible, communicating ideas and emotion.  Just as I can look in the mirror and stare into my own eyes and have no idea who I really am or where I came from, I can stare into Holly’s eyes and get the same feeling.  Dog’s may not be self aware as we are (a mind able to comprehend its existence but not its nature).

This is the central idea of my blog.  I get so wrapped up in the complexity of the way I choose to live that the glory, beauty and awe of existence dissolves into an empty cycle of trivial tasks that I mistake for my life.