Each Day a New Dawn

New Year’s Eve is about looking back and looking ahead. TV shows, News programs, music stations and web sites looks back over the previous year to identify the best and worst of the year in every possible category. After every combination of top-something lists are complete, attention is turned to predicting the best and worst in the year to come. 365 days and nights of activity around the globe distilled down to top 50 and 100 lists. The lists are made by other people through the lens of their experience. What significance to me are the top 100 search terms or top 50 viral videos. Is Time Magazine’s 50 most interesting people interesting to me? Maybe.

Shifting from what was to what might be the pages and channels predict the movement of the market, political fortunes that will rise and fall, top technology and fashion trends. Those not forecasting mega trends (the year of big data) drive the conversation to the timeless resolutions that resonate with all of us – health, wealth and appearance. 10 steps to a skinnier you; 5 can’t fail investing tips for the new year; how to win friends and influence people (again). How much of this is meaningful to me? 365 days and nights of activity around the globe filtered and reviewed by media large and small – how overwhelming.


My resolution for 2015 is recognize each sunset as an ending and each sunrise as a beginning. What was the best and worst of my day, according to me based on my principles? What were the most important conversations, thoughts, lessons for me this day. What circumstances do I believe tomorrow will bring? What actions can I take tomorrow; what actions did I plan to take today and didn’t? Why? The new dawn will bring a new set of choices independent of the thoughts and actions of the previous days, weeks and years. Just because today was a disaster does not mean I am obligated to suffer tomorrow. Conversely, if yesterday was fantastic, there is no promise that tomorrow will follow suit. My attitude and actions dictate the day, not history. It is critical that each day is recognized as an end, a break, a time to appreciate that the action of this day are complete and the coming dawn is independent of the previous.

th6DPVA5UFEach night, an ending; each morning a new beginning. There is something in each of us that crave a fresh start. Why not take what is given to us? Choose to see each night as an ending and each morning as a beginning. My vision for New Day’s Eve is to add some ritual to each day. Left to itself, my mind can move through a typical day navigating decisions and taking actions based on nothing more than precedence. Each night I will make my own top list of the day. I will strive to take actions that are a top list worthy and avoid those that lead the bottom lists.